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I have experimented with many art mediums and have found a love for a variety of art styles through my years of majoring in art. I studied studio art at the College of the Desert for 3 years before furthering my education at California State University Long Beach. I completed my Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in illustration in spring of 2017. After taking a year off of school I decided to push myself further and pursue the career in teaching that Ive always wanted.

An exceptional art instructor is skilled at letting their students explore their ideas openly, while being able to assert themselves to keep the class in order when necessary. I hope to teach them a variety of skills while also pushing the idea of achieving a conceptual idea. These are the formative years for a student, which I believe are best used trying new things. As Dale Dauten says “Success is in the act of exploration”. 

I want my classroom to be a safe space in all facets. My goal is to keep the classroom organized without having my students feel I am being controlling. I believe great art is made through exploration and experimentation. If my students can feel like the classroom is a judgement free zone then they will feel more willing to explore new ideas. 

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